What Sponsors Say about Ken Adelman’s Multi-Media Presentation of
“Reagan at Reykjavik: Case Study in Great Leadership”

We recently had Ken as our Keynote convention speaker [for 1500 people]. It is a rare skill for an issues expert, as he was on arms control, to be able to tell a story and make you feel like you were in the room with the principals. He vividly describes the setting, the back story and the cast that took part in this real life drama. Our audience gave him a standing ovation and I am certain they wanted to hear much more from him.
– Stephen Sandherr, CEO, Associated General Contractors of America

We invited Ken to present to our Board of Governors, and he did a great job. A very worthwhile undertaking. His delivery, anecdotes, sincerity, and respect…were right on target.
– General David Melcher, CEO, Aerospace Industries Association

A riveting history of one of the most important moments of the Cold War. Adelman has written a page-turning narrative that leaves us on the edge of our seats.
– Ken Burns

We all thought your talk was a wonderful series of examples on leadership. The phrase “spell-bound” was invoked. Please accept our deepest thanks for sharing your experiences.
– Robert E. Schulz, Managing Director, Standard & Poor’s

This insightful and colorful multi-media presentation, highlighted by Ken Adelman’s humor and personal commentary, had the audience laughing and analyzing one of history’s most critical events in the Cold War. Wonderful presentation!
– Kami Barrett Batchelder, Florida Atlantic University

Reagan at Reykjavik is a lively, important account of an historic weekend. On a barren island nation in the north Atlantic, the two great nuclear adversaries faced reality—and the world was changed.
– Tom Brokaw

You were such a hit at our conference. Thank you, again! You have done an important thing by providing a first person account of amazing world history.
– Michelle Korsmo, CEO, American Land Title Association

The weekend meeting in Reykjavik between Reagan and Gorbachev in 1986 marked a significant turning point in the Cold War. Adelman, an active participant in the talks and a gifted writer, has provided a thoughtful account of that episode.
– Henry A. Kissinger

This is real history and brilliant analysis, a profound book that could only have been written decades after the Reykjavik weekend, which now can be measured by the outcome. With their large humanitarian vision, it is clear that Reagan & Gorbachev helped make the world a much safer place.
– Bob Woodward

Ambassador Adelman’s talk was superb. Not only was his presentation captivating and timely, his deft use of various media resources kept the audience enthralled.
– Michael Benson, President of Eastern Kentucky University

Ken Adelman’s decades of diplomatic service help paint an insightful backdrop for his riveting behind-the-scenes account of one of the most pivotal weekends in the history of the Cold War, which set the stage for one of President Reagan’s defining achievements. I highly recommend it to all history buffs.
– John McCain

Ken Adelman spoke at a large luncheon I hosted on Oct. 14. He skillfully used dramatic pictures of Reagan & Gorbachev. He is an amusing, lucid speaker: great command of language, extemporaneous, in command of material. I rate him a 5 on 1 to 5 scale.
– Alan Kirk, Metropolitan Club of Washington, D.C.

The Wharton Business School’s MBA students absolutely loved your presentation. It was extremely well-crafted and presented. We could not be more grateful for the presentation.
– Mike Useem, Director, Center for Leadership at Wharton

Ken really brought to life Reykjavik, and its impact on our history. There were many applicable leadership lessons weaved throughout presentation including: a) negotiations strategy, b) courage and c) perseverance that really hit home for our leaders. The audience could feel Ken’s passion and love for his work and by the end of the session there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I personally learned so much from Ken, this was a real treat for all of us here at CSC.
– David Zolet, Executive Vice President, CSC

With wonderful insight and color, Ken Adelman details the great drama of the Cold War’s most surprising summit. This book is deeply important in an era when Reagan’s art of principled negotiation needs reviving.
– Walter Isaacson

A fascinating, gripping and essential account of the definitive end-game moment of the Cold War, told by someone who had a front-row seat.
– Christopher Buckley

When Ken Adelman addressed a group of senior executives in New York, he entertained our group to a fascinating insider’s look into the personalities of the leaders at the talks. Ken’s absorbing presentation explained what few people realized at the time.
– John Teeger, New York City, Young Presidents’ Organization

It was the beginning of the end of the Cold War, and when you read Ken Adelman’s account of the Reykjavik summit, you are there. You see the drama and meet the characters, you hear the arguments and follow the action, as history is made over a memorable October weekend in Iceland.
– William Kristol

Ken Adelman has written a genuinely fascinating book—vivid and personal, humorous, full of surprising new details. The book’s portrayals are all memorable, but most so when it comes to Ronald Reagan.
– James Fallows

A knowledgeable, passionately engaged fly on the wall at one of the least heralded, most productive summits of the Cold War era.
– Ted Koppel

Ken’s presentation about Reagan at Reykjavik was absolutely delightful. He manages to teach important lessons about history and politics in an entertaining, accessible and enjoyable manner. Smart use of film, sound and photographic exhibits added to his crisp presentation style.
– Matt Moscon, Partner, Stoel Rives Law Firm, Salt Lake City

A VERY interesting evening. You held the audience in rapt attention with colorful details and vignettes loaded with history and good humor — all from a key member at Reykjavik. A great evening!
– Col. Peter McCarthy, Army-Navy Club in Washington